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Toner and Printer Ink Cartridges:


Welcome to the world of toner cartridges; a world that can be an expensive one or one filled with high-quality, competitively priced and great value for money products with chocolates thrown in?


There are no prizes for guessing what we at UK Toner Cartridges offer – quality products, alternative solutions which will greatly reduce your costs and strict testing on all of our toners and cartridges which guarantee that your money will be well-spent.




Quick lesson – toner cartridges are used in laser printers. They contain toner powder which is used to print onto paper. Compared to ink cartridges, toner cartridges are extremely efficient so they are suited to high volume, high quality printing – the kind you need in an office or for a business, for example. They work by transferring the toner onto a drum unit which is electrically charged and attaches to the paper with the help of heated rollers to print.


A typical toner cartridge can print a whopping 2,000 pages. The drum unit can sometimes be inside the cartridge or as a separate unit from the carriage. A drum unit can print about 40,000 pages.


Popular Toner Cartridges are Hp TonersBrother TonerSamsung Toner, Lexmark Toner and Xerox toner.



Ink cartridges also give quality prints, but they are used in InkJet printing which uses printer ink and a different printing technique find out more here.


Popular Toner Cartridge 



More about Toner Cartridges 



There are, but let's keep things simple. There are three types of printer toner – genuine, compatible or re-manufactured. Genuine cartridges are more expensive than the other two types. Compatible cartridges are similar to genuine cartridges so they work in the printers in the same way but are manufactured by third party companies.


Some compatible cartridges contain more toner than genuine toners cartridges. Remanufactured toner cartridges are cheap toner cartridges these cartridges have been rescued from being part of the landfill and have been recycled using great quality toner and new components to give similar results to genuine or compatible cartridges. We think re-manufactured cartridges are incredibly cost-effective and we highly recommend them.





When buying a printer, some people just think ‘I need the best all in one printer’ but the functions of the printer are not all you need to know, it is wise to find out the cost of cartridges before buying. Some printer cartridges are so expensive that the replacement toner could cost more than the printer itself... Replacing a printer rather than the cartridges isn't something we encourage because of the environmental impact so what other options are available to the savvy customer?


One option is to buy toner cartridges that are remanufactured or the compatible version of the cartridge if it is available, as these are much more cost effective.  


Refilled cartridges are an option but we at UK Toner Cartridges would not encourage anyone to refill the toner in cartridges themselves as it can be an intricate and messy process. You might as well let us do the hard work, you can take the easy route and order your toner cartridges from us.


We sell original toner cartridges and we also sell compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges which are great quality products for various printer brands such as HP, Brother and Samsung. So when you run out of toner you can buy HP toner. We test our products vigorously to check that they meet our very high standards.

We use tier pricing on our website, where you get a discount for the more cartridges you buy, up to an amazing 42% discount on toner cartridges if you buy more than 10 toners, ie HP Q2612a toner cartridge


We're guessing buying ink isn't on your top 10 list of fab things to do, so to sweeten up the task we include free gifts from time to time something like free chocolates or USB sticks. Keep an eye out for our latest deals, offers, discounts and free gifts when you sign up for our newsletter or check out our blog.




OK, firstly do you want an original, compatible or remanufactured toner cartridge (we have a huge selection on all three)? If you to choose to buy a compatible or remanufactured toner cartridge (Grade A quality cartridges) from us the difference in quality between the compatible and remanufactured toners from the originals is very minimal. You'll get the same number of pages and colour density will be a great match, in addition, all of our printer cartridges come with a full warranty.

Our website makes it easy to choose the correct model for your particular printer, but if you are struggling to work out what you need, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.  




Printer inks and toner cartridges are very expensive that is why UK Toner Cartridges sell a range of cheaper alternative toner cartridges, for Offices, Businesses, Schools and other Government bodies who use a lot of toners and printer inks, UK Toner Cartridges takes pride in that unique qualities of the alternative product that we sell, we take pride in testing all brands using a 10.1 QC inspection, each new printer ink or toner is tested against the quality of the OEM toner to mach page output and colour density.