Computer Media Supplies

Computer Media Supplies

CDs and Dvds

Compact disc is an optical disc with small data storage and were available from 1982. Dvd which was introduced in 1995, offers more storage than compact discs with the same dimensions. Pre-Recorded DVDs can be only read and Recordable DVD with rewritable features can be recorded and erased multiple times. Some of the popular DVD ranges are:


1. Verbatim 43549 16x DVD-R

2. TDK T18770 52x CDR-80 – Cakebox

3. Samsung DVD+R  4.7 GB 8 x 

4. Maxell CD-R 80 mins XL-II 80 Digital Audio


USB flash drives:

USB flash drive is a universal device which is the most commonly used device. It has a flash memory with an integrated USB interface. They are removable, rewritable and smaller than a floppy disc. Some of the popular USB flash drives available are:


1. Kingston DataTraveler

2. SanDisk USB 2.0

3. Transcend 4GB JetFlash

4. Duracell Capless USB

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