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Hp Toner Cartridges Have made some Changes!!!

By WebWriter in Cheap Printer Cartridges, Cheap Toner Cartridges, Hp Toners, News

HP have recently made some changes to the numbering of some of there new toner cartridges ie. CE320a CE321A CE322A CE323A calling them the 128A toner range, they have not only made changes to the new range they have also made some changes to the older range of toners the once Q600A range (2600 1600) is now named 124A toners.

All the toners will still have the id code ie. CE320A but will also use the three prefix code (ie.128A).

We at UK Toner Cartridges believeĀ  that HP have made this change to the numbers on there toner cartridges to make it more easy for consumers to understand the numeric detailing on the toner cartridges.

With this change we have also noticed that HP have lowered the prices of their colour toner cartridges and have also lowered the page yield on them compared to previous years.

UK Toner Cartridges will soon be launching our compatible range of the new hp cartridges which we believe will have a larger page yield then the original cartridges. The new range will be about 30% less then the original toners and as stated above with a larger page yield, the new range can be expected to be launched within the next 1-2 months.


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